Hello everyone! My name is Sam, and I major in Biochemistry. I am originally from Taichung, Taiwan, an island right next to China. I like to read, workout, and take pictures.

When was the first time you connected with the club? What was your initial reaction?

I connected with the club my freshman year. It was cool to see a group of college students who love Jesus.

What exactly did you like most about Christians at Tech that led you to join the club over a number of other things? What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about joining C@T?

This community/club feels like my family and these are my people who I want to hang out with. I was surprised that this kind of community actually exists, where I can have friends to make jokes with and to love Jesus together at the same time.

What are three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of joining C@T?

1) Start reading the Bible and know what the Bible actually says

2) Have friends to love Jesus with

3) Help me to know what God actually wants as opposed to what we think He wants

How did/does knowing Christ and pursuing Him with others in the club help you?

It helps me realize time and again what is actually important in my life, which is loving Jesus with my whole heart.

If you were to recommend C@T to your best friend (or any interested student), what would you say?

If you want to know what the purpose of your life is, come hang out with me and my friends in C@T.

Describe C@T in 1-2 words.