Hey everyone, I’m Socorra. I majored in Creative Media Industries and am originally from Albuquerque, NM. In my free time, you can find me longboarding, rock climbing, and playing board games.

When was the first time you connected with the club? What was your initial reaction?

I met the club during Welcome Week my freshman year and was so excited to find Christians that loved God but were also cool people. From the first week, I could tell that these people really enjoyed reading the Bible and talking about Jesus in and out of Bible study.

What exactly did you like most about Christians at Tech that led you to join the club over a number of other things? What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about joining C@T?

The biggest surprise was finding out that the Bible is really enjoyable. I found the place where I could grow with others my age and learn how to have a personal relationship with God. I received support for living a Christian life during and after college.

What are three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of joining C@T?

1) A Christian family

2) A habit of reading the Bible

3) A personal relationship with God

How did/does knowing Christ and pursuing Him with others in the club help you?

It made my life full of meaning. I found out that God truly satisfies us.

Describe C@T in 1-2 words.