Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca and my major is Nursing, and I am from Denton, Texas! In my free time I am running, biking, hiking, and hammocking with my friends.

When was the first time you connected with the club? What was your initial reaction?

My first time connecting with the club was my high school senior year. I came during the Fall semester of my senior year to visit the campus. Tech was my first college to tour! At the time, my dad had already knew some of the staff at C@T, but I had never met anyone. When we came to visit Tech, I had the opportunity to meet some of the girls. My first encounter was meeting Deshlin and Socorra, two students in the club at the time. Socorra literally came on her longboard and walked through our campus tour with my dad and I. My initial reaction was, “Who is she? This girl is a stranger, why is she doing this?” and that’s when I knew I found my home. During my visit I also went to a dorm Bible Study. Those girls were so sweet and instantly I knew these were the people I wanted to spend my college years with. As my dad and I drove home, I told him, “Dad, I found my school. We don’t have to visit any of the other 6 schools anymore.” So we didn’t.

What exactly did you like most about Christians at Tech that led you to join the club over a number of other things? What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about joining C@T?

I like that everything about the club is centered around the Bible. What made me the happiest is that I made life-long friends and people who help push me to run after the Lord. These were things I thought would never happen, coming to a school where I didn’t know anyone.

What are three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of joining C@T?

1) My growth in Christ.

2) Friends who are forever.

3) I was given a family outside of my family.

How did/does knowing Christ and pursuing Him with others in the club help you?

As the Bible says, Christ is life. So you really aren’t living until you have Christ. C@T has shown me how to live Christ. Without having people in the club to pursue Christ together, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Having companions helps you because when you are falling and feel like the world is ending, they are there to help bring you back up. Having and needing others proves that this race to Christ is not an individual matter, rather it’s a matter where we all need each other.

If you were to recommend C@T to your best friend (or any interested student), what would you say?

C@T is the best place on earth and you would be cutting yourself short if you didn’t give it a chance.