"C@T is such a strong family that loves you, cares for you, and will always be there for you. We are centered around reading our Bible and loving Jesus more and more each day!"

Cole G, Senior


Ministry Series

"C@T honestly made my college experience what it was. I was able to meet my best friends, grow closer to God, and feel like I have a family that I can always depend on during the good and bad times."

-Tanner S, Junior


"I really loved that Christians at Tech was centered around the Bible. Reading the Word with so many college students was so encouraging."

-Maya M, Alumni


"I would say that if you are looking for a place to grow in your faith, learn more about Christ, and make so many friends, then Christians at Tech is it."

-Bailey W, Alumni


"I like that everything about the club is centered around the Bible. What made me the happiest is that I made life-long friends and people who help push me to run after the Lord."

-Rebecca W, Alumni