Hello everyone! My name is Courtney, and I am majoring in nursing at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center! My hometown is Houston, and my second home is Lubbock. I’m usually either studying, getting some coffee with friends, running with pals, or watching some Little House on the Prairie.

When was the first time you connected with the club? What was your initial reaction?

The first memory I have with C@T was at the girl’s brunch at the barn on campus during welcome week. This event is where I realized I had found a family. I had never met so many people who genuinely loved God and loved people so much. This immediately attracted me to the club. The way the current members quickly welcomed me in with hugs and smiles was so comforting in a place where I really didn’t know anyone.

What exactly did you like most about Christians at Tech that led you to join the club over a number of other things? What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about joining C@T?

The members of C@T have such a huge heart for the Lord and for people, and it’s genuine. This is what I like most about the group. Something that pleasantly surprised me was that this group doesn’t just hang out at C@T events, we hang out outside of C@T organized events. This is where I found my core group of friends. People would invite me to go get coffee, grab a meal, go work out, hang out at their house, and play volleyball at Urbanovsky park. This led me to get to know these people so well and see even more of their hearts.

What are three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of joining C@T?

1) A closer walk with the Lord

2) A group of amazing friends

3) People who strengthened my love of coffee

How did/does knowing Christ and pursuing Him with others in the club help you?

There is a verse in the Bible that talks about iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 27:17). Having relationships like that is something I have prayed for since high school. At Texas Tech, I found that. One thing I discovered is that some of the people in C@T love God and pursue Him more than I do. Initially, this was very discouraging to me. One time though, I heard another member say that this actually was encouraging to him! Seeing other’s love and pursuit of Jesus encouraged him to do the same. This changed my view on the whole subject. These people, these friends I’ve made have pointed me to Jesus and have reminded me of His unending love and pursuit.

If you were to recommend C@T to your best friend (or any interested student), what would you say?

If you are looking for a family at Texas Tech who will genuinely love you and point you to the One Who loves you the most, C@T is the place to be. Also, the people are super duper fun.

Describe C@T in 1-2 words.

Loving and Genuine